Staff Picks: Carissa

I am a former homeschooling and stay-at-home mom with a business degree from Ohio State University. I fell in love with books at a young age. I remember weekly visits to the Bookmobile as a kid, walking home with a large pile of books that teetered dangerously in my arms all the way home. My family read to me as a very young child, so much so that I can remember reading on my own before kindergarten. My love of reading waned a bit through college and during the early years of working professionally and having kids. I eventually carved out time to return to reading as a solitary pleasure and escape at the end of the day. Eventually I started reading different genres to and with my kids as I homeschooled them. Reading then went from a hobby to a learning tool. More genres of books made their way into my repertoire as I started amassing other book-loving friends by attended their book clubs. Reading became a way to learn new things and a vehicle to analyze, in community, the world around me. I now read for pleasure, knowledge and unique community.  


My Top Picks

My book list is varied and represents different seasons of my life, although this list is not in chronological order of those seasons.