History Roundtable

Book Clubs

(Usually) Meets the 4th Thursday of each month (usually) at 6:30pm
Read. Watch. Listen. Discuss. Read any non-fiction book, watch a documentary, and/or listen to a podcast pertaining to the month's topic. Then come to the roundtable prepared to summarize what you read/watched/listened to for all the participants.

Upcoming TOPICS

October 26th - Natural Disasters - suggested resources

Register online or by calling 317-885-5036.

December 14th - Holidays

Previous TOPICS

April 2017 - Russian History

May 2017 - Interwar Period (1919-1938)

June 2017 - Scottish History

July 2017 - Japanese History

August 2017 - Favorite Founding Fathers

September 2017 - History of India