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    Title: Hearts & Other Body Parts
    Author: Ira Bloom

    There are two new boys at Middleton High: Norman, who is eight-feet-tall and looks like he was put together after an accident, and Zack, the impossibly handsome transfer from Europe, and soon the three witch sisters, Esme, Katy, and Ronnie, are in an allout competition for Zack's attention--but Esme is also drawn to Norman, and he is the only one who seems to notice that students who go off alone with Zack seem to suffer from amnesia, or disappear entirely.

    After being thoroughly overwhelmed with all of the contemporary fiction I've read this year, it was really nice diving into a fun fantasy novel that wasn't too heavy or too fluffy.

    Bloom re-imagines a few of our pop culture lexicon of famous monsters and sticks them in high school which is both hilarious and brilliant.  Esme, Kat, and Ronnie are witches who are also hormonal and catty, a combination that can't get very competitive and dangerous.  Norman, the gentle giant, chooses hope over despair despite the tragedies in his life, and Zack, the mysterious loner dude who is basically allergic to sunlight and all food, is seductive yet compassionate.  This character-driven story places real emotions (sometimes realistically exaggerated) in the hands of teens who are still trying to figure life out.  The fact that they also have supernatural powers just ups the ante. I really enjoyed Bloom's voice, and can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

    ~Emily (Click Here for More Recommendations from Emily)

    Title: The Unexpected Everything
    Author: Morgan Matson

    Seventeen year old Andie always has a plan, but when her father suffers a political scandal, her summer med school program is taken away from her, and she somehow ends up walking an insane number of dogs, she finds a lot of unexpected things can happen when you're busy making other plans.

    This adorable novel focuses on Andie's summer walking dogs (though she's never owned one) since her original plan doesn't quite pan out. And her father is spending time at home and actually paying attention to her, something that is new for Andie, since she's used to being pretty much on her own.

    She doesn't have close relationships with anyone since her mother's death. Her father, boys - she even keeps her best friends at a distance, that is until she meets Clark, an attractive homeschooled author, living on his own with a gigantic dog. Soon Andie finds herself opening up and forming real relationships with her friends, Clark, and eventually her father.

    Miss Matson's stories are beautiful and heartfelt, making readers reminisce summer vacations, best friends, and first loves. A perfect summer read!

    ~Jessica (Click Here for More Recommendations from Jessica)

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