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Featured Program:

teenhq:  Connect the  stars-Constellations thurs | july 11 | 6 pm   Grades 6-12

Do you want to learn what's so amazing that keeps us stargazing, and what do we think we might see? Then come to this program! We'll learn about the constellations while making a fun craft! Grades 6-12. Registration required. 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Jessica:

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Location                Hours                 contact

Greenwood Public Library                         Monday - Friday                               Teen Librarian, Jessica Smith                       
Teen HQ                                                       1-5pm                                      
310 S. Meridian St.                                                                                                  (317) 883-4245
Greenwood, IN 46143


What Board Games do we have?

7 Ate 9                                   Exploding Kittens                       Pictureka                                          Trouble      
Apples to Apples                 Find It                                           Ping Pong                                         Twister
Backgammon                      Forbidden Island                         Pit                                                      Uno
Barrel of Monkeys              The Game of LIFE                        Racko                                                Wonky
Batman Fluxx                       Hit the Deck                                The Resistance                                Yahtzee
Battleship                             In a Pickle                                    Scrabble Slam                                  Zombie DIece
Buzz Word                            Jenga                                            Sentinels of the Multiverse
Candyland                            King of Tokyo                              SET
Carcassonne                        Lord of the RIngs Chess            Settlers of Catan
Checkers                               Monopoly                                    Sheriff of Nottingham
Chess                                     Monopoly Deal                           Smash Up
Clue                                        Monster Fluxx                            The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
Code Names                         Munchkin Adventure Time      Space Team
Connect Four                        Munchkin Deluxe                      Splendor
Cuponk                                  Mysterium                                  Star Wars Chess
Daybreak                               Pandemic                                   Tessen
Disney Trivia 2                      Pass the Pig                                Ticket to Ride
Dungeons and Dragons      Pick Up Sticks                             Tiny Epic Galaxies

Who can play a board game at the hangout?

Board games are available in TeenHQ during The Hangout hours and are reserved for library patrons between the ages of 11 and 18 (grades 6-12).  The Children's Department has a cabinet of games for K-5 patrons.  Games are not available for take-home checkout and must be played in the building. 

Please let the Teen Librarian know that you are interested in a game, and she will sign it out to you.  Teens are responsible for returning all games to the Reference Desk before they leave.