Autism Resources

New to autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Visit the Indiana Resource Center for Autism’s (IRCA) “Learn About Autism” page for information including:
·         Early Signs of Autism
·         How and Where to Obtain a Diagnosis/Assessment
·         Booklets on what to do after a diagnosis for families of children, as well as adolescents/adults
·         And more!
The IRCA page also has a variety of resources including articles, visual supports and training opportunities.

Local & State ASD Resources

The following resources are specific to ASD. Visit our Disability Resources page for resources and information on library materials, special education, and more.
Autism Community Connection (formerly Johnson County Autism Support Group)
Autism Family Resource Center – Easter Seals
Autism Society of Indiana
HANDS in Autism
Indiana ABA Parents (Facebook group)
Indiana Resource Center for Autism
Sensory Friendly Adventures in Indy (Facebook group)